After School Program Healdsburg

Do you simply want an after-school program for your child? After-school program curriculums are designed to improve the social, intellectual and physical skills of children and teens. So, if you're thinking of after-school programs whether its art, science, music, or theater, enrichment classes to help your child learn new skills and meet new friends, enroll in our After School Program. We provide after school programs in art, drama, piano, guitar, and many other classes.  
In our after school program, our beginning classes, 'Yoga Pretzels' introduces flowing sequences, balancing poses, partner poses and imaginative relaxation techniques. This after school program will build self-calming and quiet-focusing skills while enhancing motor coordination, positive thinking and positive peer interactions. 
As our after school program increase in age-level, so does the skill level introduced to the student. Students will explore more complex balance poses and flow sequences. Developing a yoga practice in your child's life can help boost their energy level, metabolism and even strengthen their immune system in the after school program. Perhaps most compelling, yoga offers a balance to our current fast-paced life and school systems. Offering your child a time and place to develop a yoga practice, is offering them a grounding, peace-filled gift in the after school program. 
We also have after school program where we offer drama classes, where students will learn about performing on stage in performance situations. In After school program, students will work on various techniques including "Dramatic Improvisational Games' and "Character Expression". In our advance drama classes, short plays and musical theatre are also explored. 
In our after school program, language classes are introductory, immersion classes that meet once per week. Children are enrolled in age and developmentally appropriate after school program that foster growth and create building blocks for 2nd language comprehension and speech production, a native-like pronunciation and a true love for new cultures and traditions. Children who participate in our after school program will also experience music, art and cultural study in cross-curricular activities.  

At Art and Soul Music Studios we offer After School Program, and we serve students for After School Program in Healdsburg. Our customers are all over the East Bay, South Bay, Penisula, North Bay. We offer After School Program in Healdsburg.

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