Art FUNdamentals: In this class students will work with various mediums including: clay, painting, collage, sculpture, chalks and oil pastels and many more! Students are introduced to the basics of art including color, line, shape and form. Each class students will create a new art project to be taken home that day. 

Art with the Masters: This class introduces new Master Artists over the course of the year, such as Diego Rivera, Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keeffe.  During the class an artist is presented along with their style of art. Then the students are guided to emulate the Master with that Master’s prominent medium and style.  As a result, someone observing the final product might say, “Hey, that looks like ‘Pop Art’ that Andy Warhol could have created!”

Ceramics: This class introduces the basic techniques on hand building, cross-hatching, slip, wedging and more.


*Private Art Lessons are offered at our Santa Rosa School. Call today for pricing and availability.


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