Our Vision is to Facilitate an Environment Where Everyone is Inspired to Create! We believe every child is born intrinsically creative. What happens to our creative path is shaped by our life experiences. 

It is our hope that children experience a fun and empowering time in our classes and lessons. During that time we also strive for students to ascertain a quality proficiency of the Arts.  

We encourage this upbeat, quality atmosphere by hiring a staff who have both studied the Arts and also are currently practicing their art-forms in your local community.  We shape our curriculum around their passion for the arts so that they pass that passion and encouragement along to your children. 

We hope your children, as well as yourselves, experience a lifetime of wonderment and exhilaration from and within the Arts.  And remember, if at any point you'd like to learn more concrete tools for experiencing the Arts, we are only a click, or a call away from enhancing your creative path. It's never too late to learn!


Our Mission:

"To Create the next generation of problem solvers by inspiring creativity" 


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