Art & Soul Music School 


Art & Soul Music School

4861 Old Redwood Hwy.

Santa Rosa, CA 95403


Art & Soul Music Studios has been providing children's art, music, yoga, dance, and theater classes and lessons throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 2002. The Santa Rosa school, opened in August of 2013, offers a variety of ARTS classes including art, preschool music, dance, yoga, drama, summer and winter camps as well as private music lessons in all instruments. The school enables students to explore multiple creative facets in one location, for multiple siblings simutoneously if desired; a so called 'one stop shopping for the ARTS.' The staff is comprised of local artists and musicians who are "teachers" first as well as highly skilled, professionals in their field.


          Lauren Kushins, co-owner of Art & Soul Music Studios with her husband Benjie Kushins, first envisioned the idea for a nurturing and arts focused school after a trip to Vienna, Austria. There she visited Friedrick Hundertwasser's, 'Art House' the context of a vibrant and booming arts center to host this vision, was put into action. Benjie's background as a professional musician and music store owner combined with Lauren's diverse art background herself, and their combined decades of teaching, gave these two the background to start their business. Since then, the focus has been to hire teachers who believe in the school mission; to empower and facilitate a new generation into a world where the Arts are utilized for solving and resolving our stress and building our future.  Lauren shares, "The best part of hiring teachers who believe in our mission, is that students experience teachers who truly care about each one of their students. The quality of education is raised when a student feels accepted and therefore open to learning. In addition, most of our instructors have degrees, some multiple, in their modality, and therefore also teach with the focus of building a strong foundation in the rudiments of their Art."




Contact Information: 

Lauren and Benjie Kushins
, Studio Directors 

4861 Old Redwood Hwy.,

Santa Rosa , Ca. 95403




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