What Principals are Saying About Us...


“I want to thank you for all the hard work, special attention and community building you have brought to our programs over the years. I know our staff, along with me, has enjoyed our relationship. Art & Soul has helped us spread our wings and give added depth to our school programming.”

- Linda Schuler, Principal          Bancroft Elementary School


“The staff that was sent over to our school from Art & Soul Music have been outstanding. They are all passionate and knowledgeable musicians and they are effective teachers.  Benjie and Lauren are a pleasure to work with, and they are proactive in seeing that their teachers understand the culture and the behavior management philosophy of the school." 

- Dr. Barbara Gereboff             Head of School, Wornick JDS



 What Parents are Saying About Us...


"Benjie and Lauren, Thank you for organizing such a great opportunity for Ben!  The recital was wonderful and we so appreciate Ms. Jenny.  You have such a great service.  It was nice to see you both again. Best Regards, Tiffany" 

- Music parent


"Thank you so very much for the pictures and for telling me about Megan. After the recital, Ryan said that he was going to practice over the summer because he didn't want to lose his skills. Isn't that amazing that a 9 year old said that! Thanks again. I LOVE the pix, Debbie"

- Music parent


"Thank you Benjie, I appreciate it!! Lesson’s are going great and the boys are having a blast with Jonathan. Thank you again for providing such enrichment!! Take Care, Kristy"

 - Music parent


"Zachary couldn't be happier with his guitar lessons... we don't want them to end :-) Happy Thanksgiving, Janice" 

- Music parent


"Thank you for following up with me. I did receive the lesson plan last Friday.   I'm very pleased to see what's being done - clearly it has made an impression on Kaitlyn as she remembered the Mona Lisa.  I really enjoy seeing the results of Ms. Stephanie's lessons. Regards, Christel'

- Art parent


"Colin has loved the classes all year.  I have been very happy with the amazing concepts he is being introduced to in your program.  Your teachers are wonderful with the group.  I plan to sign him up again the fall and my younger son Cody. I couldn’t be happier with the program."

- Art parent


 “The mural that was painted by our 5th grade students with the help from Art & Soul is amazing.  I love driving by the back of the school on Whitman Road and looking at it.  It makes me smile every time!” 

 - Natalie (PTA President)


“…By the way, it (the mural) looks absolutely fabulous! The 3 Cornerstone teachers have expressed an interest in having Nicole (Art & Soul Instructor) come 1 or 2 more times this school year ….  I want to let you know she has worked out fabulously for us! We incorporated 2x art per month (double from the year before) in our budget that just passed for next school year."

- Thanks, Ilana (School President)


“…I had the opportunity to go to the Art and Soul presentation in Miss. Cattalini's class last Thursday.  It was GREAT!  I thought the instructor Miss Annie - I think that's her name - was good with the kids, redirected them well, had simple but detailed instructions.  I can't wait to see what comes back this Thursday. “ -Thanks again – Lori (Elementary School parent) 

- School Day Art Parent


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