Music, Teacher
Specialize in: Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Piano,
Teaches in: Alameda County

Chris has been a musician for 11 years. He is fluent in the art of piano, guitar, and percussion. In school he was involved in symphonic band, and is currently studying for a bachelors in music education. He has won solo performance competitions in the Bay Area, and several writing competitions. He has played consistently with Cornerstone, a local church, for 6 years. Touring the coast of California, he has gained experience in multiple bands, extending his familiarity with a wide range of genres and musical styles. During this time he discovered just how vital playing in a group is to one's music education. 
"I teach students as if music were a language. Expressing an idea is the driving force behind learning language, as well as learning an instrument. So, we learn by speaking to each other; having musical conversations. Studying music can improve a child's cognitive abilities, as well as their internal and social confidence. It also involves developing pattern recognition - the center of human intelligence. But above all, there is simply no better feeling than the satisfaction of making a dream come to life. My goal is to achieve all of these developments while maintaining a fun and light hearted environment."

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