Music, Teacher
Specialize in: Keyboard, MusicFunTime, Piano, Voice,
Teaches in: County

I began singing at a young age and discovered I had a passion for it. When I became old enough, I joined choir to be able to learn how to sing correctly. There I learned how to read music, sing in tune with others, listen to notes and chords, and how to be apart of a community. After enjoying choir immensely in Middle School and High School, I decided to major in it in College. In College I learned how to direct, compose music, how to do musical dictation, learn music by ear, and I delved deeper into the world of Music Theory. I was able to perform in many recitals, choir concerts, musical tours and I even was able to compose my own women’s choral piece as a Senior project. After graduating from Tarleton State University with my Bachelors, I received a job teaching at a private Music Studio in Frisco, Texas and stayed there for 2 years. I have most recently gotten married to my Husband Bryan Dames, and we just recently moved to the area and are looking forward to a wonderful time here in Santa Rosa!

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