Art, Teacher

Teaches in: San Mateo County

Spoken by Pablo Picasso, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Megan believes that everyone has a creative side within themselves; they just need to unlock it. That is why she wishes to dedicate her life to guide the young to create what they are passionate about, and help nurture that passion, so that it can grow and mature as they do.  
Born and raised in McPherson, KS to Kyle and Melanie Stucky, Megan has one twin brother named Matthew. Growing up, Megan always had a passion for the arts, and pursued her interests in dance, choir, and studio art. Megan was recruited for swimming at Concordia University of Irvine, where she received the scholar-athlete award, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in studio art with a minor in psychology. During Megan's undergrad, she was featured in several school gallery art shows, as well as her senior art show, where she was debuted in a gallery in Downtown Savannah, GA.  
Megan is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Art. She intends to become an art professor at a university upon graduation, as well as, continuing to be a professional artist. Pursuing a career in education, Megan chose to study every media in studio art including, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, darkroom and digital photography, and printmaking, instead of specializing in one specific area. Her favorite medias are drawing and figure sculpture, where she enjoys drawing portraits and recreating the human form out of clay. 

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