Art, Teacher

Teaches in: Sonoma County

I have been involved with art for the past twenty years and studied fine art and 
photography at San Diego Mesa College in California and also at Columbia Basin College 
in Kennewick, Washington. I am currently working towards my credential to be an 
elementary school art teacher. Art for me is a way to connect more deeply with my soul 
and to the world around me and I feel that art is an important expression in our world, 
especially for children. I have been involved in community arts and creating art with kids 
for many years and I love to help them find their creativity and voice. Seeing kids be 
creative makes me so happy! 
My work consists of 35 mm black and white photography and I also play with digital 
photography which I create into collage. I was born in Rochester, New York and moved 
to San Diego, California at the age of nine. I grew up mostly in San Diego and have 
traveled to Costa Rica and Guatemala and lived in India twice in my life. I love to travel 
and be challenged by and changed by other cultures and their art forms. 
My two great loves in life are being a mother and being engaged in art.

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