Music, Teacher
Specialize in: Guitar, MusicFunTime, Piano, Ukulele, Voice,
Teaches in: Sonoma County

Lars Rosager was born on January 30, 1987, in Santa Rosa, CA. One might say his musical career began at six months of age when he began humming the theme to The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II. Subsequent milestones include beginning private piano studies at age four and a half, playing clarinet and bass clarinet in the school band from fourth through eighth grade, and finding his primary instrument, the guitar, at age twelve. 
Though Lars would later try his hand at the violin and cello, it has been the guitar that has shaped most of his stylings. Trained early on in Blues and Rock, Lars developed an interest in Jazz and studied for four years at Jazz Camp West, the renowned summer Jazz clinic put on by the Oakland-based organization Living Jazz. With this exposure to the multifarious world of Jazz, Lars commitment to a career in music was confirmed. He would go on to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Music (Jazz Guitar) from San Francisco State University (Lars holds a BA in Spanish from SF State as well), and later obtain his Master of Arts in Music, with an emphasis on the history of the Spanish guitar, from the same institution. 
With local and international performance, teaching, and composition experience in many different styles, Lars looks forward to building his community engagement in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Historical research is central to Lars musical endeavors. His long-term goals include completing his PhD on the connections between lute-family music and astrology on the Iberian Peninsula. Lars specializes in music for the voice and lute-family instruments, including various types of acoustic guitars (Baroque, Classical, Steel-String, Jazz) and other lute-family instruments. The seven-string guitar is his primary instrument, but the voice will always guide his musical thought.

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