Art, Teacher

Teaches in: Santa Clara County

Anita's interest in arts and craft started at an early age, largely due to the creative influence of her mum who has always been very 'crafty'. From embroidery, to painting to making candles to knitting Anita says "I don't think there's a craft I haven't tried" and she "usually becomes an expert at anything she picks up!". Anita did a lot of embroidery and knitting in school and then took on painting and photography during her working years as a stress reliever. Recently, she discovered clay and has spent the last few years spending as much time as she can experimenting with the medium. Not only does she enjoy these creative pursuits, she also enjoys teaching them. The delight in the faces of children and adults who learn how to make and create and see their own creation take life is priceless! 
Anita currently practices in Higher Fire Studios, also assisting with one-on-one sessions and corporate workshops. She conduct a painting session at Dancing Cat, a cat adoption studio in San Jose. Besides that, Anita also shows her artwork in Gallery House (Palo Alto), Present (Los Altos) and is on the board of the Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild.

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