Music, Teacher
Specialize in: Choir, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice,
Teaches in: San Joaquin County

Hello, I am Faith Achacoso. My love for music truly began when I joined the children's choir for my church at 6 years old. Then, it continued to grow when I started to learn piano. In middle school, I became the pianist for the choirs and won musicianship awards during competitions. During that time, I also taught myself guitar and ukelele, so that I could both sing and accompany myself. I would write my own songs and record myself for personal record. In high school, I continued to be the pianist but then stopped when I became soprano section leader my junior year. I had 4 years of choral vocal training and 2 years of singing in jazz choir. For competitions, I won one maestro for piano accompaniment my freshman year, and one for a solo my senior year. Now, I'm an organist for my church and lead practices with another fellow organist.  
Music has taught me so many things and inspired me throughout my entire life. I hope that as a teacher, I can help my students grow to have a passion for music, to help shape their lives positively.

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